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My name is Olga Makeeva, and I am a highly skilled international business development specialist with diverse expertise in sales and marketing, program and project management, startup acceleration, customer development, market intelligence, FDI attraction and relocation. My domain expertise includes ICT, digitalization, sustainability, manufacturing, life sciences (including MedTech, pharma, healthcare, and foods), the travel industry, and environmental technologies.

With over 15 years of experience as a Business Development Consultant, I possess expertise in business acceleration, international collaboration, and innovative development. I hold three education degrees: one in linguistics, one in marketing, and another in practical psychology and counseling. In addition, I have a wealth of experience in product and project management, event management and startup acceleration, and a rich background in working with entrepreneurs who are planning to establish, expand, or relocate businesses abroad. My role involves assisting in establishing efficient business processes, identifying suitable partners, and developing compelling offering, including project presentations, pitch decks, and business plans that inspire confidence among potential partners, officials, banks, and investors. Throughout my career, I have gained a profound understanding of the challenges faced by business professionals when scaling their products in international markets. Consequently, I have honed the ability to effectively identify and address these challenges.

As a startup mentor, I provide guidance, advice, and support to entrepreneurs in their startup development journeys. I cover essential startup development topics, with particular expertise in proof of concept, market-product fit, customer development, and startup relocation. My goal is to help startups successfully launch and develop their businesses by offering the most relevant insights and careful guidance.

Last but not least, I also assist individuals seeking professional development in exploring their career potential and finding new opportunities in the international job market. I offer support in various areas, ranging from crafting compelling resumes to preparing effective self-presentations and utilizing a diverse range of career-boosting tools. Drawing from my extensive experience in business coaching, I have come to the realization that the job market operates similarly to other markets. To succeed in self-promotion, one must find the perfect product-market fit, identify a unique selling proposition, and create an appealing package for oneself. This insight has led me to develop my own coaching methodologies and professional development tools, which I am eager to share.

For many years, I worked as a consultant with various Finnish companies in both the public and private sectors, and since 2023, I have been living in Finland permanently. So it’s not surprising that I’m most familiar with the opportunities of this beautiful Nordic country, which has been recognized as the Happiest Country in the World for several years in a row. Despite the not-too-gentle climate and economic challenges, Finland remains a fairly promising destination for relocation, and I’m happy to offer my assistance to anyone who is looking to study at a Finnish university, find work in Finland, or start their own business here.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me for further information. I am looking forward to hearing from you.