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No matter how good your idea is, you won’t be able to sell it to anyone if you can’t convincingly demonstrate its innovativeness, competitiveness, and capabilities for profitable business growth. No one will invest in your startup if Proof of your potential success is missing, neither you have a clear understanding of your potential customers and their needs, nor evidence that there’s interest in your startup or that it has some traction. 

To turn your brilliant idea into a profitable business, you should start by identifying a problem that is relevant for a considerable group of potential customers and making sure you thoroughly understand the problem you’re aiming to solve. You need to identify your market and your customer and build a proof of concept, which will be the basis for your monetization strategy, financial model, and go-to-market plan. This is just for the start, later on, you’ll need to test your idea in practice and iterate, if necessary, as long as you find the best possible product-market fit.

All this is a big job that requires time, effort, and commitment. And, of course, competences. If you have not launched any startup yet or launched and failed, if you have a great idea but, surprisingly, could not convince any investor to finance you, if you are entering a totally new market that you do not clearly understand – probably you need a mentor to help. I am ready to assist you with collecting the necessary information, planning and conducting competitive analysis, designing and implementing a proof of concept, and creating convincing pitches. Just pick up a time slot for a free introductory consultation – and let’s go.