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Setting up an innovative startup company in Finland * Finnish Startup Residence Permit * Startup Acceleration * Proof of Concept and Customer Development

With my assistance, you can thoroughly explore the requirements of the Finnish startup program, effectively showcase your innovative idea, outline your business model, create a comprehensive financial and go-to-market plan, and identify the prospects for your invention’s development.

If you possess a brilliant idea and are determined to transform it into a globally successful business while desiring to live and work in one of Europe’s fastest-growing startup scenes, I am delighted to lend a helping hand. Even if your project is still in its early stages, I can assist you in creating a proof of concept, developing a customer development plan, conducting market research, business modeling, and refining your pitch. Regardless of the stage your idea is in, you will receive personalized services guiding you towards your ultimate goal: building an exceptionally successful company in an exceptionally startup-friendly country.

My method of collaborative acceleration, based on close interaction with startup teams and shared effort, shared efforts, ensures highly effective results while offering affordable prices, and makes me capable of handling even the most challenging projects. All you need to do to start moving towards establishing a startup company in Finland and obtaining a startup residence permit is to sign up for a free introductory consultation to get acquainted and determine the next steps of our collaboration.


Thank you so much, Olga, for your assistance in our startup acceleration and for guiding our thoughts towards a thorough development of the business plan! I am confident that your help was crucial for the success of our application, and the business plan itself, which we are now fully utilizing in our work, serves as a powerful support for our business activities in Finland! I highly recommend Olga to everyone!

Eugeny Veselov, Metaverse

My colleagues and I have decided to open a startup in Finland. We began preparing the application for Business Finland in late spring of 2022. None of us had prior startup experience, so filling out the application was quite challenging. Our acquaintances recommended consulting with Olga, and it turned out to be a fortunate decision! Through several consultations with Olga, our application was thoroughly revised and transformed into a well-structured document that clearly and coherently described our idea, research and development outcomes, and prospects in the European market. Olga has a solid understanding of the subject matter and helps clients provide accurate answers to specific questions without deviating from the topic. She comprehends the business environment in Finland, which is truly valuable, and knows how to formulate things correctly to avoid ambiguities. We would like to express our gratitude for her attentive approach to the English language in our application and her assistance in crafting not just grammatically correct phrases, but also the most appropriate ones in terms of business terminology. On August 11, 2022, we received a positive decision, and Olga deserves credit for it. We sincerely thank her!

Dmitry Mouromtsev, Ambient Sound

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